PeriAnesthesia Nursing

Peri-anesthesia nurses care for patients who are coming out of anesthesia after surgery. They prepare patients for surgical procedures, monitor them during the operation under anesthesia, and help them transition from anesthesia to a responsive state.

Preoperative assessment

Nurses are responsible for a number of patient assessment done in pre-operative clinics including their ability to tolerate anesthesia and other factors that may affect them while anesthetized.

Post anesthesia care unit

Nurses provide extensive personal care as patients emergence from anesthetic and in the immediate post-operative period until they are stable enough to transfer safely.

Ambulatory care

Many medical procedures are performed as outpatient services, where the patient is not expected to require hospitalization after the procedure.

Pain management

Pain management nurses are sometimes considered to be perianesthesia nurses because of the collaborative nature of their work with anesthetists and because a large proportion of acute pain issues are surgery related. However, separate certifications specifically in pain management exist through the American Society for Pain Management Nurses.

Where to Find PeriAnesthesia Nursing Jobs

The median annual salary for perianesthesia nursing is $52,330 according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, and today, we are listing [indeed-jobs-count what=”perianesthesia nursing” where=””] perianesthesia nursing jobs, more than any other nursing job board on the Internet.

Educational Requirements

RN, CAPA. Find the right nursing degree for your career.

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