Pediatric Nursing

About Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurses care for younger patients between the ages of infancy through the late teenage years. The breadth of this field of practice is similar to that of adult nursing, with many of the same sub-specialties found for adult conditions, as well as some unique areas of practice specific to children. For example, pediatric cardiology and pediatric oncology are commonly established sub-specialties pediatric departments.

How to Become a Pediatric Nurse

Nurses often receive general exposure to pediatrics while studying for their undergraduate degree and can gain exposure during their “in-service” training. There are a wide range of post-graduate qualifications in various pediatric sub-specialties are available.

In the past more specific pediatric nursing training programs existed which prepared nurses to care for infants and children only, and not for a more general patient population which included adults. The increasing popularity of general or “comprehensive” training has seen a decline in such programs, though they still exist in some parts of the world.

Where to Find Pediatric Nursing Jobs

The median annual salary for pediatric nurses is $52,330 according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, and today, we are listing [indeed-jobs-count what=”pediatric nursing” where=””] pediatric nursing jobs, more than any other nursing job board on the Internet.

Educational Requirements

RN, CPN. Find the right nursing degree for your career.

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