Online Nursing Programs

Thanks to the Internet, a whole new approach with online nursing programs is opening up an exciting frontier to provide distance learning as an educational tool to minimize the nursing shortage faced by the global community. It’s mind-boggling!

“Interactive online nursing education degree in nursing is growing by leaps and bounds right now,” notes Viki Chaudrue RN, MSNEd, Ed.D (c). “Online students are demanding more and more interactive learning tools. Thus, online teaching also requires additional education because it is completely different than classroom or clinical education,” she adds.

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How different is this “completely different” approach? For starters, “Online education is NOT for everyone. You have to be an independent, self-motivated learner with great time management skills,” Ms. Chaudrue advises. Added to this, “The learning curve for new online learners can be steep if their experience with computers is minimal. This can be extremely frustrating and time consuming if the learner has to spend more time learning the computer than learning the subject matter.”

However, if you’re a lifelong learner who is naturally curious about tackling new skills, entering into an online degree in nursing can be a thrilling education adventure to explore. Innovative distance learning techniques include interactive assignments such as producing podcasting and video assignments.

And, a chance to finally activate Moviemaker that’s already a part of your Microsoft Windows software. Nursing videos on (which has just now overtaken Google as the top search engine) are invaluable sources of show-n-tell learning demos. Enter “nursing skills,” and over 700 videos pop up, as of today’s post.

(Not to worry about Google becoming the second-ranked search engine and possibly diminishing its search capabilities. With the foresight that characterizes Google’s expanding vision in keeping up with the times, Google bought YouTube in 2006.)Online Nursing Programs

Online Nursing Programs

Viki Chaudrue points out that interactive learning enhances the learning process for nursing students who actually do a procedure, rather than reading up on it, showing one advantage of how community involvement works in online nursing programs.

Information users who log on to YouTube typically enter a search question. For example, “How to draw blood correctly?” Voila! A student video from Prairie View A&M University’s College of Nursing shows a student working on a practice dummy. After watching the video, it’s not “The End.” When you scroll down the screen, you’ll see a list of constructive feedback from viewers.

In this case, a post by TheNerdyChick suggested: “Nicely done aside from forgetting to remove the tourniquet once you were done collecting? blood…very good bedside manner too!”

Two months later, poster drbrooks 12009 advised, “Practice taking it off after you find the vein and then reapply right before you draw. Remove the tourniquet right after you finish drawing or right after you establish flow, whichever is sooner. Only use basalic vein as last resort. Try to use cephalic or median vein if drawing from anticubital fossa. Always anchor vein when you puncture. May want to? hold butterfly by wings and decrease angle.”

This same poster continued with a later post: “Follow the order of draw according to the CLSI guidlines: Sterile (blood cult) first, red (non additive for drug levels), light blue (for clotting tests PT/INR, PTT), gold top (chemistries -electrolytes/ glucose/ creatine/ BUN), green tube, pink? (type & cross match blood), and lavendar is last always (lavendar – L for last used for CBC/ hematology studies). But check with your facility's lab for their policies. Book “Phlebotomy Essentials” by Ruth McCall and Cathee Tankersley is good reference.” Perfect for online nursing education.

Tellingly, more  distance learning innovations are facilitating health care delivery systems. Online nursing education is a significant and timely IT innovation for the nursing profession to adopt. If you’ve produced nursing videos, we’d love to hear from you. Your tips will benefit others reading who are reading this post about online nursing programs.

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