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Accredited Nursing Programs Get You Hired Faster

Accredited Nursing Programs Get You Hired Faster

It is best to avoid an online nursing program that is unaccredited, even if it is less time-consuming, more available, and/or less expensive than accredited programs. Attending a non-accredited school is risky at best. What is more, non-accredited programs are not only risky for the nurse aspirant, who may find them to be a waste of time and money when applying for jobs in their field. They are risky for the patients she or he will serve.

Accredited Nursing Programs Will Get You Hired Faster

A non-accredited program means that financial aid, grants and scholarships will not be available. What is more, as one climbs up the nursing education ladder, a non-accredited program might not be considered strong enough to allow one to ascend to the next rung.

Many nursing employers will look at the accredited status of your nursing education to ensure that your education background  meets their employment criteria. Attending an unaccredited nursing program will hurt your chances of getting hired.

Accredited Nursing Programs Will Open Up More Career Opportunities

Attending an unaccredited nursing program will also hurt your chances of continuing your nursing education. It is almost certain that some of your class credits will not transfer, should you decide to further your education at an accredited university or college.

Accredited Nursing Programs – No Wait List

There is no reason to gamble on your education and career by attending a non – accredited nursing programs because of lack of access. Almost every online nursing programs accepts and even encourages out-of-state nursing students. Any college or university student is eligible to apply for federal grants, scholarships and loans, including out-of-state nursing schools.

Nursing students may find many more financial opportunities than are available to most students through a rigorous web search. Many organizations recognize the need for nurses, and funding opportunities are available. Some hospitals offer signing bonuses for nurses to help offset tuition debts. A guaranteed post-graduation term of service for a few years may motivate different organizations, including the military, to help with tuition payments.

In this age of increasing specialization and complex patient needs, accreditation assumes more and more importance. The field of nursing is becoming increasingly professionalized. Although non-accredited programs may have their conveniences, they are simply not worth it in the end.

Important accreditations to look for are from the

Accredited nursing programs are the key to your nursing career success. Find top-notch, accredited bachelor of science in nursing programs and master of science in nursing programs.

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