LPN Careers: Career Outlook for the LPN Jobs

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If you are thinking about a Licensed Practical Nursing or LPN career, there are many specialties that are open to you. Some LPN nurses find their fit when they can care for the elderly. Others prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of home care and still others find their niche in the clinic setting. By understanding the various settings that provide LPN jobs, you can develop a further understanding of where you may fit best.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric settings can include assisted living complexes or skilled long term nursing facilities. In these LPN jobs, the nurse monitors the health and well being of patients over the age of 55, or patients who have a condition making it impossible to live alone and to self care.

The LPN is a vital part of the health care team in these settings. The LPN is often the one a patient comes to with a problem or symptom, and he or she is the one who oversees the medications and treatments ordered for these patients. Due to the extended length of time patients stay in these facilities, a LPN can develop a personal, meaningful relationship with the patients. In other words, you become part of their extended family, while maintaining your professionalism.

Clinical Settings

Clinic or physician office LPNs often take on the role of the office manager, monitoring patient flow, making patient phone calls, and assessing patients individually as they need to be seen by the doctor. If there is no RN in the office, the LPN will function under the license and direction of a physician when giving injections and treatments. The LPN may also participate in female exams and in preparing laboratory samples to be sent to an outside laboratory. LPN jobs in small rural clinics often compass both nursing and clerical duties.

Home Care

Home care settings are some of the best places for the LPN to establish a career. Many times, the LPN will complete private duty for the same pediatric patient for years, following the child into the school system as the child grows. LPN jobs can also include private duty for adults, and in this setting, a nurse enjoys the flexibility a home care position offers.

Summer Camp Care

Summer camps for kids with health issues may provide summer LPN jobs. Nurses who serve at summer camps may have the added bonus of enrolling their own children at a discounted tuition.

Correctional Settings

Correctional facilities and prisons have clinics that employ LPN nurses in a variety of positions. Inmates require daily medications and treatments, physical exams, mental health treatment, and emergency care. The prison environment is ever changing, and these LPN jobs offer the opportunity for an individual to develop great assessment and critical thinking skills.

This is just a sample of the types of nursing careers available for the LPN. Healthcare jobs are predicted to increase in the next 10 years, and therefore, if you have a LPN job, are in a LPN program, or thinking of becoming a LPN, you are on the road to success.

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