Become LPN: Career Outlook & Advantages of LPN LVN

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There are a number of reasons a person chooses to become an LPN . Some of the reasons that come to mind are a love for helping others, compassion, a stable income, and an interest in nursing. However, there are plenty more advantages that you may not have considered.

Flexible Scheduling and Travel Options

Flexibility is a tremendous advantage to becoming a LPN. Online LPN programs are generally shorter in duration than programs for other licensed professionals, which allow you to obtain a LPN job sooner. The career opportunities for LPNs offer flexible choices and steady work.

LPNs are hired at long term care facilities, home health agencies, some acute care hospitals, medical offices, and clinics. Some medical providers hire travel LPNs and offer the same benefits, housing, and competitive wages as working in the hospital setting. LPNs may also discover it is easier to find daytime hours than for RNs in the same community.

Quick Transition from LPN Programs into the Work Arena

LPN programs are intensive, but the LPN nursing classes last for a shorter amount of time. Therefore, the new LPN is out in the work place sooner. Quickly obtaining a LPN job is a large advantage for those seeking a full time paycheck, as you can finish school in 12 to 18 months versus a 48 month traditional nursing college degree program.

Excellent Career Opportunities

Another advantage to LPN programs is they are a perfect fit for the person seeking a second career. Older students who have lost a job or made the decision to change careers find that the LPN program is an ideal fit. LPN nursing classes are accessible, and most programs work well with the mature student, offering study help and guidance.

Becoming a LPN or LVN offers the advantage of building the ground work for further education in the healthcare arena. Many LPNs go on to further their education in the health arena while earning a full time paycheck. Often employers will also offer tuition reimbursement for LPNs who want to earn a higher degree in nursing or other health career.

Home health care, as well as the geriatric arena, offer the LPN many opportunities to advance their careers. Many of these LPNs often become charge nurses in skilled nursing facilities or office managers.

Geriatrics and pediatrics offer home health advantages that may be overlooked by other health care professionals. However, home care can offer day shift hours and often no holiday or weekend hours, which can be a big advantage if you have a family.

Advantages to becoming a LPN are evident with the flexibility of the programs and schedules. The LPN career opportunities, the stability of a reasonable pay check, steady work, and the pride of your accomplishment are advantages that are priceless.

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