Become a CNA: A CNA Education Is a Springboard into Other Nursing Careers

A career as a certified nursing assistant starts out with a CNA certification course, which runs anywhere from six weeks to six months. At the end of the course and required clinical hours, you are eligible to take the certification exam to be a certified nursing assistant. How does this certification and a CNA job become a springboard for other careers?

Certified Nursing Assistant at Work

CNA Nurse at Work

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Experience is never wasted time. Your experience as a certified nursing assistant can be your foot in the door for other careers. A CNA job adds to your resume for jobs in the health field, such as positions with clinics and physician offices. Any job experience where you manage patients, visitors, and staff is certainly an asset most physicians seek when hiring for the office. Some physicians will hire CNAs to work the office when there is a registered nurse overseeing the activities.

Your experience as a CNA will add to your probability of being accepted in a nursing program, physical therapy program, or license

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d practical nursing program. Having the experience of being a certified nursing assistant shows that you can relate to patients, do the physical labor needed to care for patients, and are capable of working with all types of people. Those skills are what it takes for a successful college experience and prosperous career in the healthcare field. When up against the competition trying to get into a program, you will shine above the rest with the CNA job and experience behind you.

The experience you gain when caring for patients also helps you be successful at other careers, even if you decide a health related career is not what you want to do the rest of your life. Being a certified nursing assistant will give you the skills to communicate, cooperate with others, and be a leader. Those skills will be helpful when trying to further your education in other fields, perhaps telecommunication, business, or retail.

As a certified nursing assistant, you are also exposed to medical equipment, medical supplies, and computers. Those experiences may lead to an interest in medical sales, computer technology, working with a medical supplies designer, or marketing in the field.

Spring Boarding Away from Nursing

It is also possible that your career as a certified nursing assistant will be short lived. Perhaps a CNA job will be a springboard into a new direction all together. You may find that the physical care of the patient is not for you, but you love people and want to alleviate their pain. You may be inspired to seek a career in social work, counseling, or ministry. Many certified nursing assistants are the ones closest to the patient and may be discussing death and dying issues, marital issues, parental issues or any number of other personal concerns.

This experience may show you that you have a heart for listening and understanding. Maybe you are an excellent problem solver. You may see the financial woes a family experiences with the illness of a loved one or the disability of a family member. You may be inspired to go into the world of insurance or finance, just because you know what a family needs first hand, and you want to teach and educate others how to navigate the financial world.

The opportunities for further education are endless, and being a certified nursing assistant can be the springboard for you to explore all the career possibilities you can find. Get started now and see where your career as a CNA can lead you.

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