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Second Degree BSN Nursing Programs

The changing U.S. economy and the desire of many working people to “make a difference” after the events of September 11 have contributed to a growing interest in nursing as a career. Additionally, over one million new and replacement RNs will be needed in the… Continue reading

Grand Canyon University Nursing Programs

Grand Canyon University is a top 10 school in the nation for online programs! Offering both online and campus-based degree programs, GCU emphasizes individual attention for both traditional undergraduate students as well as the working professional. Grand Canyon University’s online programs allow you to be… Continue reading

LPN to BSN Online

Of the several types of nurse, by far the most predominant is the Registered Nurse (RN), a highly trained health care professional who possesses the education, skills and competency to practice all aspects of the care and recovery of the sick and the maintenance of well-being in the healthy. RNs ensure that patients receive care that is appropriate, timely, and professional, in a variety of settings. Continue reading