Category: Nursing Specialities

Genetics Nursing

Genetics nurses care for individuals with genetic conditions and diseases. They also counsel patients and work with screening, identification of risk, and the treatment of such diseases. Continue reading

Flight Nursing

Flight nurses are registered nurses who are skilled in intensive care, emergency care, and critical care. They face a wide range of emergencies under various conditions. Flight nurses may work on emergency teams providing care to patients in remote areas and airlifting them to health care facilities. Continue reading

Emergency Room Nursing

Emergency nurses provide care to patients in a critical phase of a trauma or illness. While they may typically work in hospital emergency rooms, they are not limited to this environment. Emergency nurses are responsible for recognizing life-threatening situations and arrangement for the necessary care. Continue reading

Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nurses are responsible for patients of all ages with acute or critical conditions. They use state-of-the-art medical equipment to make complex assessments and perform high intensity interventions. They also attend to the emotional well being of patients and families. Continue reading

Correctional Nursing

Correctional facility nurses provide health care to inmates of prisons, juvenile homes, jails, and penitentiaries. They deal with both acute and chronic health conditions in their patients. Continue reading

Community Health Nursing

Community health nurses focus on improving the overall health of communities by educating individuals and groups about health care issues, nutrition, childcare, and disease prevention. Continue reading

Cardiac Care Nursing

Cardiac care nurses may specialize in critical care in a hospital setting, but they can also work with patients at their homes, help with drug monitoring, and caring for those who have undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty or other heart related procedures. Continue reading

Ambulatory Care Nurse Overview

Ambulatory Care Nurses are registered nurses who provide care to individuals, families, and groups on an episodic basis, with a single encounter typically being less Ambulatory Care Nursethan 24 hours long. Continue reading