Category: Nursing Specialities

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

Certified nursing assistants perform their jobs under the supervision of registered nurses Continue reading

Pain Management Nursing

Pain management nurses assess, treat, and monitor patients’ pain. They education patients about managing pain and ensure that patients are safe during treatment. Continue reading

Nurse Attorneys

With degrees on both law and nursing, nurse attorneys help to create health care policy and/or represent health care interests in the court system.
Continue reading

Neuro Nursing

Neuroscience nurses care for patients experiencing problems with their nervous systems. They are involved in the care and treatment of spinal cord injuries, head trauma, and seizure disorders. Continue reading

Nephrology Nursing

Nephrology nurses provide care to patients who have or are at risk of having kidney disease. Continue reading

Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical surgical nurses work in hospitals, acute-care facilities, home health care, and long-term care facilities. They generally care for adult patients before their surgical procedures and afterward. Continue reading

Lactation Consultant Nursing

Lactation consultants are nurses who help new mothers to breastfeed their babies. They address any problems that may arise while mothers learn the procedure. Continue reading

Infusion Nursing

Infusion nurses care for patients via administering medication, blood products, and other fluids by maintaining arterial catheters or injecting needles into patient veins. Continue reading

HIV/AIDS Nursing

HIV/AIDS nurses work to educate people about preventing the spread of HIV and helping sufferers of the disease handle the physical, social, and psychological issues associated with it. Continue reading

Gynecology / Obstetrics OBGYN Nursing

Gynecology/obstetrics nurses provide care to women relating to their reproductive health throughout their lives. Continue reading