Category: Nursing Specialities

Infection Control Nursing

Infection control nurses find and control infections that may occur in communities or hospitals. They gather information and implement infection control and prevention measures. Continue reading

Hospice or Palliative Nursing

Hospice/palliative nurses provide care and pain relief to patients who are at the end of life. These nurses save their patients from unnecessary procedures and therapies. Continue reading

Managed Care Nurse

Managed care nurses apply their skills to ensure that medical costs are kept to a minimum through educating patients and their families in the areas of prevention and self-care. Continue reading

Camp Nursing

Camp nurses are responsible for caring for healthy children or children with chronic conditions like HIV/AIDS or diabetes who attend camp. Continue reading

School Nursing

School nurses promote the health and wellness of children of all ages in the school environment. They may provide care in cases of actual and potential health problems, Continue reading

Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nurses support the physical and emotional needs of patients with illnesses or disabilities that impact their normal daily functioning and may change their lifestyles. Continue reading

Nurse Educators

Nurse educators teach and mentor future nurses. They work in classrooms and in practice environments, prepare lessons plans, and inspiring and encouraging nursing students. Continue reading

Military Nursing

Military nurses care for military personnel in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. They also work in the U.S. Public Health Service. Continue reading

Ophthalmic Nursing

Ophthalmic nurses care for patients who have diagnosed with eye disorders. They treat conditions such as blindness, glaucoma, and eye trauma. Continue reading

Oncology Nursing

To become an Oncology Nurse, you need the following educational requirements: RN, AD, BSN Continue reading