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Become a CNA: A Check List of Characteristics and Skills Needed to be a CNA

Check List: Do You Have the Characteristics and Skills Needed to be a CNA? Becoming a CNA can be a rewarding career choice. Not only do CNA jobs allow you to help people, but you can also enter into a healthcare career that is relatively… Continue reading

Become an LPN: LPN vs RN

While both LPNs and RNs are considered nurses, there are significant differences between the two, starting with even the educational process. Continue reading

Become an LPN: A Check List of Characteristics and Skills Needed to be an LPN

Choosing to be a LPN can open the doors to an incredibly rewarding career. LPN programs offer many classes in both nursing and related subjects, but are you poised to be a successful LPN? There are many characteristics that will lead to a successful career… Continue reading

Become a CNA: Choosing the Right CNA Program for You

Selecting the right Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is an important decision that can impact your long-term career. It is important to analyze key factors when deciding on what type of program works for your unique situation and will provide you with the qualifications to… Continue reading

Nursing RX: Long-term Success Factors for Nurses

Nursing is a demanding profession. Those who are able to succeed in it long-term use their altruistic, caring natures on themselves as well as their patients. Continue reading

FAFSA and Nursing School Loan Strategies

While shopper’s remorse can sometimes be easily corrected by returning items to the store, it’s much harder to change course in the midst of your nursing education if you don’t put in the sweat equity to plan ahead for a rewarding education. And, to avoid… Continue reading

Ten Tips to Studying for the NCLEX Exam

Passing your NCLEX exam is a very important milestone on your way to becoming a nurse, however it can be a bit difficult if you don’t take the time to prepare yourself. Use these ten best practices to help you ensure that you pass your… Continue reading

Become an LPN: Choosing the LPN/LVN Program that is Right for You

Choosing the right LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse ) program or LVN ( Licensed Vocational Nurse ) program is an important decision. You have already looked into becoming a LPN, and you may have talked to friends or family about your choice. But how do… Continue reading

Become a CNA: A Day in the Home Health Care Setting

The role of the certified nursing assistant CNA in the home health setting can be slightly different than the CNA in the acute care setting. The difference is not only in some of the tasks, but in the acuity and number of patients for which… Continue reading

Become a CNA: A Day in an Acute Care Setting

In a CNA job, a certified nursing assistant will start an eight hour shift at 7 am, 3 pm, or 11 pm. The twelve hour assistant usually starts at 6am or 7am for day shirts, and 6pm or 7pm for the night shift. The responsibilities for each shift may differ, but most tasks are the same regardless of the shift you work. Continue reading