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CCNE and ACEN: Nursing School Accreditation

Introduction to Nursing School Accreditation: CCNE vs ACEN The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) are two of the most recognized accrediting agencies in the nation. They’re also two of the most influential agencies – often determining… Continue reading

Choosing the Right Nursing School

There are many nursing education programs available in the United States and choosing the right nursing school will have a significant impact on the success of  your nursing career. Some of the issues to consider when selecting a nursing school include whether to seek the… Continue reading

How to Pay for Nursing School

Nursing school is expensive. Going back to school when you have family obligation can be daunting. Let us help by showing you 10 ways to pay for nursing school. Continue reading

First Nursing Job

Once students have earned their nursing degrees and passed the licensing examination, obtaining your first nursing job can be fairly easy, if you know what to do. Employers typically go to nursing schools to hold career fairs and actively look for ways to attract students… Continue reading

Online Nursing Degrees

All states require that an individual must have a nursing degree from an approved educational institution and pass a licensing exam before being able to work as a nurse. Every state has its own particular requirements as well, and these may vary significantly, so a… Continue reading

Become a Nurse – How to Find Great Employers

Making the transition from nursing student to actual working nurse can be difficult without adequate preparation. Prospective students should ask questions and consider several factors when assessing potential work environments. Some areas of particular importance include first-year turnover rates, availability of orientation and preceptor programs,… Continue reading

Life-Changing Careers in Nursing

In the 1950s, the baby boomers were born. Now, as they increase in age, there is a greater demand for health care careers, making careers in nursing one of the best career choices to get into today. Within the next 10-15 years there will be… Continue reading

Become LPN: Career Outlook & Advantages of LPN LVN

Image by Getty Images via Daylife There are a number of reasons a person chooses to become an LPN . Some of the reasons that come to mind are a love for helping others, compassion, a stable income, and an interest in nursing. However, there… Continue reading

First Year Nurses

Become a Nurse – First Year Nurse It is often the case that first year nurses their first year on the job to be the most difficult, particularly if they work in a hospital setting. At some hospitals, new nursing school graduates represent over 50… Continue reading

Become a CNA: A CNA Education Is a Springboard into Other Nursing Careers

A career as a certified nursing assistant starts out with a CNA certification course, which runs anywhere from six weeks to six months. At the end of the course and required clinical hours, you are eligible to take the certification exam to be a certified nursing assistant. How does this certification and a CNA job become a springboard for other careers? Continue reading