South Carolina Nursing Schools

Our experts bring together nursing students and nursing schools within South Carolina. Finding a fully accredited nursing school is key to your successful nursing career. Not only are you eligible for financial aid and scholarship while attending an accredited nursing school, your course credits are… Continue reading

Choosing the Right Nursing School

There are many nursing education programs available in the United States and choosing the right nursing school will have a significant impact on the success of  your nursing career. Some of the issues to consider when selecting a nursing school include whether to seek the… Continue reading

Hematology Nursing

Hematology nurses care for individuals with blood disorders like hemophilia, sickle-cell anemia, leukemia, and other diseases of the blood. Continue reading

Kaplan University RN to BSN Nursing Program

  Overview of Kaplan University School of Nursing Learn the benefits of Kaplan University Online RN to BSN Degree Program School Description Private, for-profit. Established 1937, offers master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs and certificate programs on-campus and online. 6 campuses in Iowa and 2… Continue reading

Nurse Administrators

Nurse administrators work at the top levels in health care and hospital administration. They guide the nursing employees of a facility or institution and oversee general nursing administration. Continue reading

How to Pay for Nursing School

Nursing school is expensive. Going back to school when you have family obligation can be daunting. Let us help by showing you 10 ways to pay for nursing school. Continue reading

RN to BSN Online Degree from WGU

Why We LOVE to Recommend the Western Governors University (WGU) Online Nursing Programs Award Winning—WGU has won the USDLA 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning in 2011, as well as in years past. When it comes to standards online learning WGU is… Continue reading

First Nursing Job

Once students have earned their nursing degrees and passed the licensing examination, obtaining your first nursing job can be fairly easy, if you know what to do. Employers typically go to nursing schools to hold career fairs and actively look for ways to attract students… Continue reading

Pediatric Nursing

The median annual salary for pediatric nurses is $52,330 according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, and today, we are list more pediatric nursing jobs than any other nursing job board on the Internet. Continue reading

Online Nursing Degrees

All states require that an individual must have a nursing degree from an approved educational institution and pass a licensing exam before being able to work as a nurse. Every state has its own particular requirements as well, and these may vary significantly, so a… Continue reading