Choosing the Right Nursing School

There are many nursing education programs available in the United States and choosing the right nursing school will have a significant impact on the success of  your nursing career. Some of the issues to consider when selecting a nursing school include whether to seek the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree or the Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN); whether the student wants to attend a local program or is willing to relocate to somewhere new; and whether to pursue an education online or at a traditional on-campus location.

The choice of the BSN over the ADN degree depends on the student’s ultimate career goals, since obtaining the BSN opens the way to the additional degrees and training required for professional advancement as a registered nurse. ADNs take less time to complete, are usually less expensive, and don’t require the same list of prerequisites as the BSN. Students can earn ADNs at community colleges, while BSNs require attendance at a traditional four-year college or university.

Choosing the Right Nursing School for You

Since excellent nursing programs can be found in all the states, the consideration of whether to seek educational opportunities locally or elsewhere often comes down to personal preference. Other issues that could impact this decision include the fact that nursing schools in highly populated areas may have long waiting lists for acceptance. If a student is willing to travel to another location, the chance of getting into a nursing program may increase significantly. Willingness to relocate can open up limitless possibilities – for example, there are accredited nursing schools in the Caribbean, which may be very appealing to students!

For some individuals, online nursing courses may be the best option. These courses provide the same educational information as a traditional school facility, but they are conducted via a computer in a virtual classroom instead of a physical one. All aspects of the courses are the same as those on regular college campuses. Online students still interact with professors, use textbooks, complete assignments, take exams, and receive grades, but there is more flexibility, since students typically “log in” from their homes on their own schedules.

Another vitally important issue in choosing the right nursing school is the cost. If a student must work while in school to pay for the program, this factor will have a great impact on the choice of school. There are many ways to pay for nursing education, however, particularly since the national nursing shortage has given rise to many nursing scholarships designed to encourage men and women to pursue a nursing degree.

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