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While one might want to become a nurse fast to take advantage of the strong demand for nurses because of the nursing shortage in the United States, it is not so commonly known that there is a shortage of nursing instructors, and long waiting lists to get into nursing school. For prospective nursing students, this translates into long waiting lists and serious competition with others for a spot at their chosen school. However, students can take action to improve their chances of acceptance and to become a nurse faster than most other nurses.

Consider Online Nursing Schools to Become a Nurse Fast

For students interested in pursuing the four-year Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree, it is critical that they get good grades in high school. They may even want to take some classes at a community college before applying for acceptance into a BSN program. This will show the school that they are willing and able to do college-level work.

Another important element of the application process is the admissions essay. Some schools refer to this essay as a “statement of purpose.” Prospective BSN students may be asked to compose an essay that describes to the nursing school admissions authorities why they chose to go into nursing and what they plan to do with a nursing degree. It is important to answer these questions honestly instead of trying to determine what the admissions committee wants to hear. The essays should always be carefully proofread before submission, and students should ask someone else to read the essay and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Application to BSN programs typically requires letters of recommendation from individuals who know the prospective student and can vouch for their character and work. For a nursing school, it’s best if recommendations come from science teachers or health care professionals that the student may have worked with. Since teachers and professors are inundated with requests for recommendation letters every semester, it’s important the prospective nursing student makes his or her request as early as possible to ensure that they will be completed by the application deadline.

One of the best things a student can do to improve the odds of getting accepted at the nursing school of choice is to work in a health care setting, either through volunteering or a part-time job. This shows the admissions committee that the student is clear about his or her career choice and that some experience in the field has been obtained. Students will also learn about the various health care settings in which nurses actually work, so they will have a better idea of the various specialties available when it comes time for them to select one. Additionally, obtaining the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) designation can help you become a nurse fast, and looks very good on a nursing school application!

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