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CCNE and ACEN: Nursing School Accreditation

Introduction to Nursing School Accreditation: CCNE vs ACEN The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) are two of the most recognized accrediting agencies in the nation. They’re also two of the most influential agencies – often determining… Continue reading

Become a Nurse Practitioner – MSN Online

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Nurse Practitioner Overview The South University College of Nursing and Public Health recognizes the need that modern healthcare systems have for highly skilled and knowledgeable Nurse Practitioners. That’s why South University developed and began offering the Master of… Continue reading

Wisconsin Nursing Schools

Wisconsin Nurse Salaries Nursing Assistants earn $24,261 – $29,596 Licensed Practical Nurses earn $36,292 – $43,733 RN Staff Nurses earn $56,500- $68,585 Nurse Practitioner earn $76,856 – $90,589 Online Wisconsin Nursing Schools University of Wisconsin – Green Bay CCNE Accredited University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh… Continue reading

Chamberlain College of Nursing RN to BSN

Accelerated RN to BSN Degree in 3 Semesters           This flexible online program allows registered nurses to advance their nursing careers by earning a BSN degree in as few as 3 semesters. The program combines the flexibility and ease of online… Continue reading

Online Nursing Programs

Thanks to the Internet, a whole new approach with online nursing programs is opening up an exciting frontier to provide distance learning as an educational tool to minimize the nursing shortage faced by the global community. It’s mind-boggling! “Interactive online nursing education degree in nursing is… Continue reading

Online Nursing Program

Non-accredited nursing programs may be convenient in some ways. However, they cannot replace accredited programs in the increasingly complex and specialized field of nursing. Continue reading

Success! Your Information Was Received . . .

Here are five tips to help you increase your nusing school enrollment chances. Continue reading

Become a Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses cooperate with police and other law enforcement agencies in the clinical investigation of various crimes. Depending on their location and specific job responsibilities, they might collect evidence, diagnose trauma or treat people injured during the commission of a crime, or assist in the rehabilitation of offenders. Continue reading

South Carolina Nursing Schools

Our experts bring together nursing students and nursing schools within South Carolina. Finding a fully accredited nursing school is key to your successful nursing career. Not only are you eligible for financial aid and scholarship while attending an accredited nursing school, your course credits are… Continue reading

Choosing the Right Nursing School

There are many nursing education programs available in the United States and choosing the right nursing school will have a significant impact on the success of  your nursing career. Some of the issues to consider when selecting a nursing school include whether to seek the… Continue reading