Ambulatory Care Nurse Overview

Ambulatory Care Nurses are registered nurses who provide care to individuals, families, and groups on an episodic basis, with a single encounter typically being less Ambulatory Care Nursethan 24 hours long. They may work in health care facilities, schools, workplaces, community-based environments, or through multimedia communications. These nurses focus on helping patients find cost-effective ways to remain well and independent for as long as possible. They manage both chronic and acute diseases in ways that optimize the health status of patients throughout their lives.

Available Jobs and Median Annual Salary

Ambulatory Care Nurses earn about $44,000 a year. You can find all available ambulatory care nursing jobs using our search engine.

Educational Requirements

RN with AD, diploma, or BSN. Find the right nursing degree for your career.

Related Organizations

American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN)

Community Based Care Nurses Association

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