How to Find the Best Nursing Jobs

The Normal Job Seeker Scenario

When looking for your next nursing job, you will most likely visit Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder and other online job boards to apply to nursing jobs. You might open an account, post your resume, subscribe to an email alert so you can keep up with all the lasted jobs posted.
To most job seekers, applying to jobs online seems going after the low hanging fruit, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure it is easier than doing it the old fashion way typing out a hard copy of a cover letter and your resume and sending it by snail mail. Either way, both of those methods result in about five to ten percent of all hiring.
If answering job ads is your primary way of searching for work, you should read on!

What the Big Job Boards Don't Want You To Know gathers together a massive number of job seekers, but those job seekers compete for a very limited number of jobs. Most people assume that the big job boards are like Goolge and offer access to jobs from all over the Internet. The truth is that the only jobs poste don Monster are the ones paid for by advertisers. Only 3% to 5% of all advertised jobs are posted on Monster. That leaves the other 95% to 97% of jobs somewhere other than Monster. And the statistics for open jobs are no better at Careerbuilder or HotJobs.

The Odds Are Stacked Against You

It is cozy arrangement that the big job boards and employers have, and it benefits everyone but the job seeker. Consider some more unpleasant facts about what a job seekers odds are when they apply to job ads on the Internet.
  1. The average job posted on Monster or other big job boards will fetch around 500 resumes.
  2. A hiring manger will spend between 7 to 10 seconds looking at resumes from online job boards.
When you enter into the online job board zone, you are entering into a highly competitive marketplace where the odds of actually landing your next job is quite small.
The information you should take away from this is that using an online job board to find and apply to open jobs is statistically one of the worst ways to land your next nursing jobs.

Commodity You!

Before finding out some of the better ways to land your next job, consider how the big job boards make their money:
  • Employers pay to post open jobs.
  • Employees pay to search for resumes.
If you have ever spent hours filling out an online resume form, you now know that the access to it costs employers a fair amount. In fact, it is a HUGE revenue source for job boards when they can employers access to your online resume.

How You Should Use the Big Job Boards

Another important statistic you should know is that anywhere between 50% to 70% of all open jobs are NEVER advertised. The actual percentage really speculation, but the important thing to know is that most jobs are never advertised.

So, when you post your resume online, it gives employers and recruiters a chance to fill their unadvertised jobs by searching for appropriate candidates.

My advice to you:
  1. Post your resume online so employers and recruiters can find you! But learn to post your resume online the right way.
  2. Respond to online job ads by sending your resume into the Human Resources department or other non-specific person, only as a last resort.

Where to Find the Most Open Nursing Jobs Online

If you can't find the most open nursing jobs at Monster, HotJobs or CareerBuilder, where can you find them?

TIP: If you are looking for the most nursing jobs in one place, find a meta job search engine for nursing jobs.

A meta job search engine is where you can find all the open jobs that are advertised on the Internet. Along with the open jobs posted at Monster, HotJobs, and Career Builder, you can find nursing jobs from 5,000+ job boards at a meta job search engine.

How to Use a Meta Job Search Engine

Now that you know where to find all the nursing jobs, consider how you should really use a meta job search engine in your job search strategy.

When only 5% of all jobs are found through job advertising, think about turning the 80/20 rule, or the 95/5 rule backwards. Spend less time on the less effective job searching tactics and more time on the more productive job searching tactics.

For savvy job seekers, there is a role that finding jobs online plays when looking for you next nursing job, but it isn't to find and to apply to open nursing jobs. To read more about job search strategies for nurses, go to

This is part 1 in a seven part series about the best ways to find your next job.

Written by a former project manager at CareerPath (now CareerBuilder), and hiring manager at companies like Microsoft, I have a unique perspective about how people should search for and land their next job. It is the strategy I used to get hired at Microsoft after the Dot Com bust.

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